Frequently asked questions

Am I renting these stands from you?
These Expo Hire packages are intended to assist you in offering fabric display hire to your own customers. To help you do this, buy a package of stands at a reduced rate from us and have extended time to pay for them. You’re not hiring them from us, you will own them once you’ve cleared the balance.

Won’t customers want their own branded graphics?
Of course! Customers will buy printed fabric graphics from you, which you’ll design just for them – theirs to keep. However, to make the most of their budget, clients may prefer to rent the aluminium stand frame instead of buying it.

Why would I want to rent stands?
Not only will this allow you to advertise a lower price point to customers, you’ll be providing a useful service. Renting furniture and shell-scheme components is common at exhibitions – it’s logical that customers would rather rent stands that they’ll only use once, rather than buy and store them.

Can I resell the package stands immediately?
Yes, if you settle your agreement early. You can do this by paying the outstanding balance in full. Prior to that you must retain the stands and fabric demo displays until you have made your final payment.

How will you help me rent stands?
We’ll provide a sample customer rental agreement which you can customise. We’ll also provide printed collateral promoting the Expo Hire range. If you use w3p, by summer 2016 we’ll add a module to help you manage bookings.

What happens if the stands get damaged?
If they get damaged by a client, you’d expect to recover the replacement cost of the damaged parts, just like if you return a rental car with damage. This should cover the cost of replacing the stand.

Do I own the graphics?
Yes, once your agreement is settled in full. While you still have an outstanding balance, title remains with us.

Can I design my own demo fabric graphics?
Sure. Each style of stand comes with a single demo fabric graphic. You can design this entirely as you like, or choose from our ready made designs. We’ll share the artwork so you can start from our designs and customise them as you want.

Do I own the stands?
Title passes to you when you’ve made your final payment. After that you are free to sell the stands.

How long will it take to get my stands?
First you will need to prepare and supply us with your demo graphics for the fabric displays. After the 14 day cooling off period we’ll begin production of your graphics. We expect you’ll have all your stands and fabric displays 14 to 28 days after signing your agreement.

Can I change the content of each package?
We’ve created packages based on hire expectations. Feel free to buy additional frames or stands outright. We can roll them into the total loan at the beginning, before you’ve signed the agreement.

Can I upgrade to the next package anytime?
Yes. Once you’ve got going, if you’d like to bulk buy more stock, you can enter into a second loan agreement for the difference.

Can I return the stands?
You can cancel the agreement any time during the 14 day cooling off period. After that we’ll have begun production on fabrics made to your specification and/or personalised by you. Consequently you cannot cancel the order and no refunds can be offered.

How do I get started?
Email and we’ll send you an application form and start the process.

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