Expoganza 2016 :: what is it
Expoganza 2016 :: what is it





Expoganza is an intimate event, exclusively for graphic professionals like you. It’s a mashup of exhibition, talks and networking. If you’ve visited trade shows, then it’s nothing like a trade show. And it’s not like your usual networking event. Over five hundred people attended our previous events. Come and enjoy yourself.



"If it's happening in graphic arts, it's happening at Expoganza!"

Peter Gunning, CEO, Grafenia plc



If you’ve been to an Expoganza before, no two events are the same. There’s always new stuff to see and different things to hear. The world moves too fast to roll out the same old stuff. Expoganza is informal and relaxed but feel free to bring a friend to hold your hand. We’ve split topics and exhibits into six arenas, cosily welded together.


In our fabric gallery you’ll see just how amazing digital textiles can look. If you’ve not seen these before, be prepared to be blown away. The market has been growing at 25% for the past five years and is expected to double in size over the next five. Your clients will want these. See the range and we’ll show you how to get started selling.

Shiny! Things! There’s nothing like the smell of fresh print and you know it. If your clients buy print, see the latest trends and fancy finishes and find out how to access the UK's largest range of print deals all at trade prices. Pick up a complimentary swag box packed with hundreds of unbranded samples to show clients and clinch the sale.

Where are you on your web journey? Already doing it? Ace. Find out how to sell larger, high-value projects like EPOS integrations. Not done much yet? Sad face. Wait til you see the latest drag ‘n’ drop website design tools, built for resellers. We’ll show you how to get more from your existing team. No need to hire more people – just give your designers the tools, training and systems to work more effectively. They’ll love you for it.

If you’ve come to see people with open jaws, it’s here. Listen to different talks from industry experts. They’ll be short presentations are running all day on topics across sales, marketing, tech and advertising. Make new connections with fellow professionals. Enjoy a complimentary beer and maybe discuss how you could grow your business.

Your clients want to do more with you online. They told you that already? Sure, your personal relationship is important, but they don’t always want to talk to you. Sorry about that. They want to be able to do stuff the way it suits them. Learn how automation in your studio can free your time to focus on design or selling, rather than admin. See how easy it is to build templates directly from InDesign, so clients can make changes to artwork on an iPad or their computer.

Your clients need to see fabric displays in the flesh. They need to appreciate just how amazing they are. We can help. Borrow or buy demo equipment at special show prices. Display at your premises or take to networking events. Choose from our stunning range of sample graphics or customize your own displays back at your studio.

"Very motivational"

Peter H, Liverpool

"Had a fantastic afternoon at Expoganza"

Warrington Print

"Some cool stuff today at Expoganza"


"Loved the fabric gallery"



Some names you know, some friends you’ve not met yet. Expoganza brings together people from tech, design and the print industry. It’s a place to see new things and to learn what others are doing. Our industry is evolving and you’ll see some of the leading edge ideas and best practice. Listen, look, taste and maybe you’ll see something which changes your future.



Now featuring Nick Howard



Mat talking Brambl at Expoganza Manchester

Sketch by Joe, Nettl of Leeds


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